Rigid Floors Bvba,  offers standard statutory Warranty which can vary from country to country. Customers who register their products on www.rigidfloors.be obtain a supplementary warranty.
To customers who register their product in the warranty database an extensive supplementary warranty will be granted which exceeds terms and conditions of the statutory warranty.

Successful registration entitles customers to the following warranty period extension:

  • Residential: 35 years

  • Commercial use : 10 years

For this supplementary warranty there has to be a successful registration of the product in the Rigid floors Bvba database. To register your product the client needs to send following information  to info@rigid floors.be :

  • The original proof of purchase

  • Picture before installation and after installation of the product

  • Address of the building in which the floor has been installed.

Upon receipt of the above information a certificate of supplementary warranty will be sent within 1 month after the registration.


  1. The producer is responsible for manufacturing defects.

  2. The guarantee starts from the time of purchasing the product. The invoice applies as proof of purchase. The guarantee is non-transferable. The person who will be considered the first owner is the person on whose property the product was initially installed and whose name is printed on the proof of purchase.

  3. The floor has to be installed correctly according to the instructions. The Warranty covers normal use. Damp spaces are excluded.

  4. Rigid floors Bvba Rigid Vinyl planks must be installed and maintained in accordance with the Rigid floors Bvba installation and maintenance instructions. The customer and installer must be able to provide a proof of compliance with the installation and maintenance instructions as recommended by the manufacturer. These instructions can be found in each box. If the installation was not carried out by the end user, the installer must submit at least one copy of the installation and maintenance instructions, as well as the warranty conditions, to the end user. (All documents are available upon request by sending an e-mail to info@rigidfloors.be).


Please take note of the below instructions also provided in the installation manual:

  • The seeping in of sand and/or dust in the floor must be avoided. Beware that some carpets with synthetic underlay can contain latex, which can cause discolouration to your floor or leave stains.

  • Furniture legs must always be provided with suitable protective material.

  • Long-term contact with rubber can cause permanent stains.

  • Avoid unsuitable cleaning agents or cleaning the floor with too much water. If any doubt please contact your dealer.

  • All planks and tiles to be used in one and the same flooring project must be ordered at the same time. The compatibility of planks and tiles purchased as separate orders can’t be guaranteed.

  1. Warranty will not be applicable in case of:

  • improper use such as denting , indentation , scratching from sand or other abrasive materials caused by the installer, the end-user or other third party.

  • improper maintenance resulting in permanent damage.

  • building settling or uneven subfloors

  • exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations, the floor may not be installed in areas where it will occasionally be exposed to extremely high temperatures (exceeding 45°C).

  • normal abrasion. Only abnormal abrasion is covered by this warranty. Superficial scratches in the top layer caused by daily use are regarded as normal.

  • the floor not having been fitted in accordance with the Rigid floors Bvba Rigid Vinyl plank&tile instructions or when faults were noticeable prior to the floor being fitted.

  • optical faults having arisen as a result of any deformation of the floor boards due to changed climate conditions, in case of any variations in colour due to the influence of sunlight and the effects of regular aging and/or wear and tear of the finishing coat.

  • the floor being installed over an electric underfloor heating system (the surface temperature may never exceed 27°C).

  • the floor being installed over a reversible underfloor heating system causing surface temperature to fall down below 18°C.


  1. Floor strips showing visible defects should not be installed at all. These strips can be exchanged at your local dealer at no cost within 14 days. Strips with visible defects that are installed are excluded from this warranty.

  2. The warranty only relates to the floor boards supplied, it doesn’t include labour costs, the costs of additional material and any other consequential loss. The liability arising from this warranty is limited to hidden defects, particularly defects that were not visible before or during the installation of the floor. Manufacturer is not liable for the cost of labour, the cost of installation or any other costs. Manufacturer can never be held liable for any secondary damage.

  3. In case of a dispute arising from the warranty, either party may call upon an independent expert to render binding advice. If this clause is applicable the cost shall be agreed on in writing by parties in advance.

  4. The warranty period will not be affected after the complaint has been acknowledged and resolved.

  5. In case the warranty will be applicable, the producer will redeliver or compensate the faulty floor boards. In case the product in question should no longer be available, a replacement by an alternative product of the same quality will be ensured. Manufacturer will repair or replace the product at its own discretion. If a decision is made to replace the floor, only new floors from the Rigid floors Bvba Rigid Vinyl plank&tile range will be accepted.

  6. Damage to the product must be clear and the surface area of the damage must be at least 2cm².


Residential Use Warranty:

This warranty is a full warranty for the first 10 years following the installation of the floor. After the initial 10 years, the warranty will be applied on a pro rata basis. Meaning the warranty in which the possible intervention of the manufacturer will decrease according to proportion to the expiration of the warranty period (following the initial 10 years a partial annual reduction of 1/25th of the value)

Commercial Use Warranty:

The warranty for use in commercial applications is valid for a period of 10 years (The original invoice is the only valid proof of purchase).

The commercial warranty as referred to above doesn’t cover:

All institutional applications such as government buildings , hospitals as well as catering facilities or areas with substantial pedestrian traffic and direct access to public roads.


Complaint registration:

If you have a defect which falls under the conditions mentioned in this warranty you should report this to your dealer in writing within 14 days after detecting the defect. In your letter you should include a copy of the invoice as well as a description of the complaint illustrated by clear photographs.


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